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Mini Ninja Mini Ninja

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A fair first attempt

If this is indeed your first attempt at a flash game, it's not a bad start, but there are some fairly large problems with it. First off, it is quite obvious that some of the scenes in this game are copied from Nevermore; I noticed this as soon as I entered the fourth screen.

Another problem is simply the coding. You can't go back at the fourth screen, walking downhill is not smooth, and you can randomly jump through certain objects. You don't even need to speak with the ninja to open the door; it opens after leaving the cave and coming right back, and if you go right back outside after that, the game glitches and you can't do anything.

Also, a game of this type should be much longer and have a more interesting plot.

One thing I thought you did pretty well was the main character. I really like the idle animation, and the jump is nice too. The run cycle works but it could use some more inbetweens.

Keep practicing and you can make something great!

Retro electronic game Retro electronic game

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A nice game...

but just a quick question. Is there only a certain amount of dots? After my score reached 747, the dots stopped appearing. It didn't let me submit my score so I would assume that it's not supposed to just stop like that. Either way, it's a fun game. :3

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